What Is Fiverr & How Does It Work? (FULL EXPLANATION!)


In this article, I will walk you through a full explanation of Fiverr so that you get to understand what it is, and how it works.

So, What Is Fiverr?

In its simplest terms, Fiverr is an online marketplace where people go to buy and sell services at prices starting at $5. You can buy and sell services popularly known as “gigs”. On Fiverr, you can buy services like:

  • Logo designs
  • Video animation services
  • E-book cover designs
  • SEO services
  • Video editing services
  • Social media management services
  • Translation services & literally any kind of service you can think of.

Now that I am sure you know what Fiverr is, let’s now take a look at how it works, so that you don’t get to make the mistakes that most new users make on the Fiverr platform.

How Does It Work?

Fiverr works in such a way that it has two sides. You can either be a buyer looking to buy services on Fiverr or you could as well be a seller who sells services and makes money on Fiverr.

If you are someone that is looking to buy services on Fiverr CLICK HERE to see exactly how you can avoid making the RIP-OFF mistakes that most new buyers commonly make on Fiverr.

But on the other hand, if you’re looking to learn how to sell services and make money on the Fiverr platform, then you should CLICK HERE to see a guide on how you can start selling & making money on Fiverr.


If you’re looking to buy services on Fiverr, you just have to do it right so that you’ll prevent falling into the hands of the wrong sellers who would end up wasting your money, efforts and time.

You guys should trust me, as I am someone that has been using Fiverr since 2014, and with over $3000+ spent on Fiverr services, I believe I can really advise you on how to do things the right way. Just follow the steps below:
my spending proof for fiverr on what is fiverr

  1. Get the 20% Discount That Most People Miss:

    Most new buyers on Fiverr do not know that Fiverr actually gives away a 20% Off the first thing that you get to buy on the Fiverr platform and you can just do that by signing up the normal way.

    You’d have to go through a link that has the 20% thing tied to it and that can be done through a special link. CLICK HERE to go and create your account to have the 20% discount tied to it when you get to buy a service… & once you’re done with creating your Fiverr account, just move to the next step.

  2. Make Sure You’re Buying From The Right Seller:

    Most new buyers on Fiverr commonly make the mistake of choosing the wrong sellers on Fiverr, and you have to make sure you don’t make this mistake as It could result in you wasting your time (& trust me, you don’t want that.)

    So to make sure you are not choosing the wrong seller on Fiverr, you have to make sure you’re looking through all of the things that I will show you right away.

    – Check The Fiverr Sellers Reviews:
    What happens on Fiverr is that when other buyers buy from sellers, they leave reviews on the Fiverr seller’s profile and those reviews can either be positive or negative and you have to check this to see if the seller you are about to buy from has good or bad reviews… & obviously, if he has a lot of negative reviews, you should skip him and move over to other sellers on Fiverr.

    The part where you should find the reviews would be below the service you’re trying to buy… A Fiverr gig with positive reviews should look like what you see in the image below:
    what is a fiverr gig that has good reviews (This is it)

    – Check The Fiverr Sellers Average Response Time: This is important because you do not want to waste your time messaging a seller who won’t reply to your messages. When other buyers like you message sellers without getting their messages responded to in due time, Fiverr lets you know by simply indicating how good or bad the seller’s response rate is. Its should look like what you see in the image below:
    using average response time to dtermine a good seller on fiverr

    You should buy from sellers who have from 1 hour to 2 hours and prevent those ones who have about 3,4,5 or even 24 hours of average response time, cause you might end up messaging them and waiting 3 days for them to reply to you… (SO, BEWARE!)

    – Check The Sellers Country & Language: Why checking a seller country and language is simply because most times new buyers on Fiverr end up buying from sellers who do not even speak English. So you have to make sure that if you’re a Frenchman, you’re buying services from a Fiverr seller that speaks French.

    On the other hand, if you’re an English speaking fellow, you want to make sure you’re buying from a seller who speaks English as well, and by doing so you will be sure you and whoever you buy from, actually understand each other. The image below shows where you can see the sellers country to determine his/her language:
    determining a sellers country while learning how fiverr works

    – Always Make Sure You Message The Seller Before You Buy: To prevent wasting your precious time on Fiverr, I would strongly recommend you first of all message the seller that you’re trying to buying a service from and this will help you make sure you’re of what you’re buying.

    Because the problem that most new buyers face on Fiverr is that they see a bunch of Fiverr gigs that promise the whole world and after they buy they get disappointed at what they get when the gig is delivered.

    So, it is best for you to always message a seller to confirm and make sure the service you’re going to pay for is worth your money and time… The image below shows you what the contact button looks like:
    where to click while learning what fiverr is

  3. Get Your Money BACK Whenever You Get What You Don’t Like:

    Even after you have followed the tips that I gave above, there will still be a 1% chance that you might still fall into the hands of some unprofessional sellers on Fiverr who might end up sending you a delivery that you might not like, and when this happens, don’t worry, all you have to do is simply cancel the order.

    All you have to do to cancel the order on Fiverr and get your money back would be to simply click on the “Resolution Center” button that you’ll see on the top right corner of the page where you saw the delivery. SO, once you click on that button, all you would have to do would be to follow the on-screen procedures and you’ll have the order canceled.

So that is how you buy on Fiverr successfully without getting RIPPED-OFF. Don’t forget to sign up for your Fiverr account through the discounted link so that you get to get the 20% discount OFF the first thing that you buy on the Fiverr platform. CLICK HERE to create your Fiverr account with the discount attached to it.

How Selling On Fiverr Works

There is really a lot of things that go into selling on Fiverr and you have to pay close attention to all the tips that I’ll share in this very detailed article so that you’ll prevent making most mistakes that most new Fiverr sellers make on the platform.

The screenshot you see below contains my proof of earnings as a seller on the Fiverr platform, So you have to trust me when I talk about Fiverr. I know exactly what I’m talking about.
my fiverr earning proof for the what is fiverr article
So, to start selling on Fiverr, you have to go through a lot of steps that I will be walking you through in this article. So, let’s get started immediately.

  1. Decide On What You Want To Sell:

    The first thing anybody that’s trying to sell and make money on Fiverr should do first should be to research,  discover and decide on what he or she is going to be selling on the Fiverr platform.

    Normally, what you should be selling on Fiverr should be selling on the Fiverr platform should be the skills you have acquired naturally or professionally, for example, Voice acting, article writing, etc.

    But don’t worry if you want to make money on Fiverr without any skills, it’s still possible as there are some other kinds of services that you could render on Fiverr either with fewer skills required or through the help of some kind of software and I’ll be going over a few of them right away.

    – Skill #1: Making video animations: If you have no skills in making animation videos for clients, you could easily pay for some artificial intelligence software that would help you make just the kind of video animations that your clients want.

    You can use tools like Doodly and Toonly as they have just one OFF price which means that you just have to pay for it once and have lifetime access to these high intelligence video making software for you.

    – Skill #2: AI Proofreading: From the name “AI proofreading” you might have guessed I was going to talk about proofreading and Yes you did guess right but this time, you won’t really be doing the proofreading all by yourself.

    You can use artificial intelligence proofreading software like Grammarly to proofread your client’s works and that Grammarly software does a great job… (I have used them for my docs on many occasions) and I can tell you that its good and accurate at finding and correcting faults in documents.

    – Skill #3: Reselling SEO: For those who do not know, SEO simply means search engine optimization and it implies optimizing websites and web pages to show up on search engines like google and to do that, people will willingly pay freelancers on Fiverr for SEO services and that is one service that you can sell on Fiverr.

    The good thing is that you do not even need to have SEO skills as you can be a reseller. I would strongly recommend you check out the complete Fiverr course as it is the best thing for anyone who is looking to make money as a seller on Fiverr.

  2. Create Your Fiverr Seller Account The Right Way:

    Once you’ve decided on what to sell on the Fiverr platform, the next thing to do would be to create your profile but the mistake that I see most people make while trying to get started with selling on the Fiverr platform simply would just create their seller Fiverr accounts with random names.

    But from experience, I would advise anyone that’s looking to start selling on Fiverr to choose an account username that’s related to whatever there going to be selling on the Fiverr platform.

    So, let’s say for instance you want to start selling logo design services on the Fiverr platform, you should have an account username like “the-logo-guy” or something like “blue-sky-designs”.

    My whole point is that you should just make sure whatever you choose as your Fiverr account username should be related to whatever you want to sell. (I’m not also saying it’s compulsory, but from experience, I’ve seen that It builds trust and gets you more sales in the long run. & It also gives you SEO benefits on the Fiverr search)

  3. Create Your GIGS:

    Once you’re done with the first and second steps, the next step to take as a seller on Fiverr would be to create your Fiverr gigs.

    And don’t worry if you do not know how to do that as I have attached a very detailed video tutorial that will walk you through how you can set up/create a gig on Fiverr. The video is attached below:

When you’re done watching the video above and creating your gigs on Fiverr, the next thing would be to promote the gigs that you have created in other to start making sales as a seller on Fiverr. I will walk you through a few methods that you could use whilst promoting your gigs on Fiverr.

    1. Using Facebook Groups To Get Sales On Fiverr:

      This method of using Facebook groups to get sales o Fiverr works so well and I can tell you this because that was one of the methods that I used to make my first $1k plus on Fiverr and you too can do this.

      How this works is that all you simply have to do is find facebook groups where your potential clients are located.

      For instance, if you are selling logo design services you have to find facebook groups where there are people that are just starting their businesses.

      You can find those kinds of facebook groups by typing in something like “business startups” in the facebook search bar and clicking on the “groups” part. Once you search, what you’ll see should look like what you see in the image below:
      using facebook to make sales as a fiverr seller

      Once you see a list of facebook groups as shown in the image above. What you’ll have to do would be to click on the “join button” and become a member of all these facebook groups.

      Once you’re a member, you simply have to stay active in the groups and from time to time you will see people who need logos for their business and once you see that opportunity, all you have to do is add them as a friend and message them on facebook messenger and sell yourself/service.

    2. Using The Buyers Request Section To Get Sales On Fiverr:

      The buyer’s request section is a section of the Fiverr platform where people who are looking to buy services on Fiverr go to post jobs.

      When they post the jobs, people like you who are looking to sell services will then go over there and apply for the jobs.

      To get to the buyer’s request section, you will have to click on the “Other” button on your seller dashboard and then the “Buyers Request” button. Once you click on the button, you will see a bunch of jobs that you can apply to. It should look like what you see in the image below:
      using the fiverr buyers request while figuring out what it is

      It is also important for you to know that you are only allowed to send just 10 job requests every day. You should also know that some times there might be no job offers posted in the buyer’s request section, so you have to make sure you’re checking constantly.

    3. Answering Your Customers Questions:

      You could actually promote and get sales on your Fiverr gigs by simply finding your potential customer’s questions and providing them with your service as the solution.
      There is a platform known as Quora.

      A platform is a place where people go to ask and answer questions. So we will simply have to find questions that our potential will be asking, and we simply answer them with our gig as a solution to their problem.

      For instance, let’s say you sell a logo design service on Fiverr. all you simply have to do would be to go to quora and click on the search bar by the top right as shown in the image below:
      using quora to figure out how fiverr works

      Once you’ve clicked on the search bar, all you have to do next is think of what kind of questions someone that is looking to buy a logo design would be asking.

      In my opinion, it would be something like: “where can I find a good logo designer?” or something like “how can I get a good logo for my startup?”.

      Once you’ve figured out what your customers would be asking on the quora platform. The next step would be to type it into the Quora search bar.

      Once you’re done, click on search and you will find a bunch of questions asked by different people who are literally looking for what you are selling. It should look like what you’re seeing in the image below:
      answering quetions to learn how fiverr works and what it is

      Once you’ve seen the different questions that people are asking about whatever you typed. All you have to do is just click on whatever one you want to answer and then, write a detailed answer and try to promote yourself and service to the buyers who are looking for what you what to sell.

      It is important for you to know that due to the fact that lots of Fiverr sellers were actually making sales and getting lots of clients from quora, in 2018, Quora blocked users from linking to Fiverr in their answers.

      So, I made a video showing how you can still link to your Fiverr gigs from quora without getting blocked. The video is attached below:

With all the information that I have given you in this resource, I think you should be good to go as regards knowing how to sell and make money on Fiverr.

But if you still happen to still have any questions at all about how selling on Fiverr works, you can ask me in the comments below as I will be always answering all the comments.

You can also go and check out the complete Fiverr course if you’re someone that wants to take Fiverr seriously as regards making money as a Fiverr seller…


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    1. Logo transparency simply means that you want a logo to have a transparent background and in my opinion, I think that is necessary for anyone that’s planning on buying a logo.

  2. Hi Daniel, Tanks for this very double point of view article. I have been following you on youtube and you really provide great value and I will keep following you for that fact. But Daniel I’ve got a question and I know you touched it but I would love to know what a gig is in Fiverr. You kinda mentioned it somewhere but I didn’t really quite get it so I would really love to get something more direct as I know you’re an expert at this. I am awaiting an answer daniel. Thanks for the answer in advance!

    1. Hey Richie. A gig is a term that people on Fiverr use to qualify the service that they render. SO, for instance, let’s say you sell a logo design service. It simply means that logo design service is your gig.

  3. I really have my question answered well, but I would really love more light as there is this part of Fiverr where I want to buy from and its called Fiverr pro vetted professionals and I would really love to know what exactly Fiverr pro is all about cause I would really love to use them as I can see that It’s filled with professionals that are seemingly better at the job than the other guys on Fiverr. I would want to know. Do you think Fiverr pro is worth it? What’s your take on the whole thing, please I would like to know.

    Regards Mickey…

    1. Fiverr Pro is worth it if you think that’s what you want for your business. But personally, I do not believe that those services are any different from the normal ones. Just find the right seller and you’ll get what you want.

  4. Hey Daniel, I have been trying to find the right seller on Fiverr and I think I’ve found one but I’m wondering if you could explain what is 3d mockup in Fiverr as it is really confusing me and holding me from paying for my startups logo, and also, I must say you have a good and superbly detailed article on here as it’s just one of the best that I’ve seen around while I was searching to see if I could understand what Fiverr was and how it works. Thanks again, BRO!

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    1. Its just a high ticket version of fiverr for people that want extremely professional services and its costlier with the lowest price ranging at a $100.

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    1. PLR’s mean private label rights and they simply mean books, videos or software that the owners has given the rights away to the public therefore giving anybody at all the ability to edit it, use it or sell it as their own.

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    The way you articulated with pictorial help it gives an age to most of the new workers who are striving to get some extra over and above their earnings, in addition to 20% discount.
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