Regal Assets Review – *WARNING* Don’t Use Them Without Seeing This!

regal assets review

If you’re reading this regal assets review then you’re probably looking for a credible Gold Investment company and might have stumbled across regal assets. I’ll equally assume that you’re reading this in order to know if regal assets are worth working with!! Well, no worries as I’ll help you make an informed decision on whether or not to use regal assets. Also, at the end of this review you will get access to a 100% FREE gold investment kit + an award-winning DVD that will help you make the smartest decisions while Investing in gold…

I’ll now take you by the hand through a walkthrough on a lot of metrics that’ll help you decide. These metrics include:

  • An overview of the regal assets company…
  • What the regal assets company offers you…
  • The pros & cons that are associated with regal assets…
  • Regal assets IRA fees…
  • A comparison with regal assets top competitors…
  • THE BIG QUESTION: Should you use regal assets OR not?


An Overview On Regal Assets…

So, who or what is Regal Assets? Regal Assets which was launched in 2009 is a well known established brand in the gold investment industry as a whole and the company presently has its CEO as Tyler Gallagher, the regal assets company specializes in helping individuals like you and I secure their retirement, saving and also investments through gold-backed IRA programs. They also let you get access to various informative products that are precious metal related.

Dated back to 2013 it was evident that a review of Regal Assets was publicized in Inc. Magazine where the regal assets company was included in Inc. Magazine’s 500 publication List and this listed them as extraordinary listing that ranks rank #20 on the list of fastest-growing private companies in the United States.

Regal Assets has also been featured in major business publications such as Forbes, Smart Money, Reuters, Market Watch, the Hollywood Reporter and Lots more. Regal Assets is as well an experienced firm in the field of gold investment. The company equally have received a bunch of positive feedback over the years hence leaving them with an excellent reputation in the gold investment industry.


What does the regal assets company offer you?

Companies like Regal Assets are engaged in the exchange of gold, silver, palladium and lots of other precious metals owing to the fact that gold, silver, and lot’s of other precious metals like platinum and palladium have been found to possess more stability when compared to than usual cash-based investments like stocks, mutual funds, government securities, and treasury bonds, whose values regularly fluctuate and depend on the economic status of the investors country.. Regal Assets is dedicated to helping people make super-smart investment moves in the gold/precious metals market for their IRAs or retirement portfolios.

In present times the company offers its customers two options to choose from and they include:

  1. The Merchant Package: this is a personal package which costs you $5k and this package would be recommended for individuals whom would want to invest in gold/silver but also have the ability to liquidate the investment whenever they happen to need the money.
  2. The Knighthood Package: which costs $10k would be strongly recommended for people who are looking invest in precious metals with the main aim of providing financial coverage for their family members.


It’s important for you to know that Regal assets offer investors various kinds of gold portfolios and they include:

  1. The $25,000 Legacy Portfolio recommended for people who are focused on making an immediate profit from investments.                                                                                                                                                             
  2. The $50,000 Kingship Portfolio recommended for individuals who would want to prevent inflation as this kind of portfolio has been pre-designed by regal assets to protect users from inflation.                                    
  3. The $100,000 Dynasty Portfolio which is good for people who would want an awesome return on investment, an inflation-free experience and as well as economic trouble-free experience.                                   
  4. The $250,000+ Coronation Portfolio which would be recommended for people who possess high net worth and would want to invest in a long term basis.


What Are The Pros & Cons Associated With Regal Assets?

PRO’s Include:

  1. High Reputation On The Web: regal assets as a company is known to be one of the very few gold bullion companies that have clean sleet from around the web. The company currently holds a track record of getting spotless feedback from past clients. You’ll notice that if you do research from various trusted sources you’ll find that all the reviews that you’ll find on regal assets will reveal a bunch of positive feedback, compliments with zero bad reviews or complaints from their past clients all around the world. Most of the reviews and feedback that you’ll find on regal assets from various review collation sites like trustlink, sitejabber and lot’s more equally say all good about regal assets and as seen on the Better Business Bureau website, regal assets hold an AAA+, which is the highest possible rating that any business on planet earth could receive from the Better Business Bureau organization.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
  2. Individual Storage Compartments: in contrast to what most of the other gold investment companies do, Regal Assets happens to provide low cost dedicated storage for its clients & this simply implies that an investor’s coins, bars, and bullion are kept in different storage compartments in other to prevents a mix up with other investors coins, bars, and bullion. The very few gold investment companies that you will find offering individually dedicated storage compartments would most times do so by charging you a high-cost fee in addition to their normal annual fee. But, regal assets, unlike the others, charge you a fixed annual dedicated storage rate of just $150 which is extremely low when compared to the likes of regal assets who would usually charge you a dedicated storage rate of $250 on a minimal basis.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  3. Speedy Processing & Shipping Time: Regal assets prides itself as one of the very few gold bullion companies that offer clients a speedy turnout time with deliveries. Regal assets also let clients who want to get access to their gold gets it within seven days. The delivery turns out the time of the regal assets company is seven days and in the failure of a client’s gold bullion arriving within seven days as guaranteed by regal assets, the company will send the client a free Silver American Eagle Coin. The efficiency of regal assets in terms of their processing and shipping is unrivaled as with other gold investment companies clients would require to wait a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 30 days or even longer to get their gold delivered to them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  4. High Level Of Expertise with Gold IRA Rollovers: Actually finding a close to perfect gold investment company that have high level of expertise with IRA rollovers seems to be a difficult task as they are very few good ones out there that would guide you on right path to avoid making simple mistakes such as purchasing coins that are not approved for IRA or even providing the wrong tax documents can cost clients a lot of time, stress and as well money in the long run. But with regal assets having proven their high level of expertise and professionalism in the field of IRA rollovers aspiring investors are 100% guaranteed that their investments are safe and will be made readily available when required.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
  5. An Amazingly Low Flat Rate: while investing with regal assets clients are charged just a flat rate of $250 on all retirement accounts regardless of the account value. Unlike most of it’s competitors whom would charge you a percentage of your account value which makes the price increase as your account value increases, Regal assets charges you a $250 flat rate and as well lets you get access to free administrative, storage and delivery fees for your precious metal accounts during your first year with them. They start charging clients in the second year.


CON’s Include:

  1. High Account Minimums: The regal assets gold investment company might not be very suitable for investors who are new or have minimal capital for investment regal assets has its minimum gold investment package which is by name the merchant package is priced at $5k which for some individuals might not be able to afford.


What You Should Know About Regal Assets IRA Fees…

Regal assets’ initial set up fees cost $0, their annual admin fees will cost you $100, their annual storage fees cost you $150 and they have Brink’s Global Services as their preferred depository.


THE BIG QUESTION: Should You Use Regal Assets?

Judging by the number of good reviews across the web for Regal Assets it’s an open secret that they are really a proper gold investment company… One other amazing feature that regal assets have is the kind of personal relationship that they create for clients who are lolling over their IRA as they offer a one on one call to investors at any time you might need assistance. The company at the same time provides financial experts/advisers who take and play the role of advising and putting investors on the right path as regards making the right choices via their investment portfolios.

As Seen On Better Business Bureau regal assets company is officially accredited by the Better Business Bureau and holds an AAA+ rating which simply implies that the regal assets company has passed the Better Business Bureau 16-point evaluation test which other businesses find very hard to pass with an AAA+ and As is evident on the Better Business Bureau site Regal Assets currently has no record of complaints on the Better Business Bureau’s site.

As also seen on Business Consumer Alliance Regal Assets also holds an (AAA) which happens to be the highest rating any business can obtain on the Business Consumer Alliance website. As a matter of fact, Regal Assets currently has zero complaints on the Business Consumer Alliance website as well.

It was also recorded that Forbes officially made regal assets a financial member which significantly boosts the brand’s identity as well as its trust.


In Conclusion…

It’s not new knowledge that rolling over retirement funds from traditional IRAs into precious metals can consume a lot of time, effort or even in most cases leave those who are not inclined in financial matters confused about the processes involved in IRA rollovers.

But with the help of Regal Assets who has a standby team of well trained IRA experts that are 100% dedicated to helping individuals who are new, set up a whole new self-directed IRA with less stress and effort. Regal assets made it so simple that all you’ll have to do as a client would be to specify how much you want to invest and what metals you want to invest in. It’s literally that easy…

Regal Assets would be my number one recommendation for individuals who are looking forward to securing and safeguarding their investments against inflation and economic trends as Regal Assets stands to be more advantageous when compared to other gold companies…

The regal assets company totally falls in line with all the metrics that a legitimate gold investment company should meet as their services are

  1. 100% customer-friendly
  2. Does not require you to pay high rates
  3. Lets you enjoy awesome 24/7 feedback
  4. Ensures growth to all client investments
  5. Lets you enjoy really fast processing & shipping
  6. Gives you an awesome coin selection interface
  7. It gives you access to attentive agents and financial experts.

And as a plus, I have negotiated with regal assets to secure a free investment kit for all people who read my content… So If you would want to learn a lot more and as well gain access to tools that you’ll need for a successful trade then I would recommend you grab your own copy of the 100% free investment kit… CLICK HERE TO GET ACCESS TO YOUR FREE INVESTMENT KIT

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