Fiverr Reviews – I Spent $3345+ On Fiverr & Here’s What I Think…

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I am someone that has spent over $3K+ on buying Fiverr services, and I think that puts me in the best position to better share my experience on the Fiverr platform with you in this detailed Fiverr review so that you would be able to make an informed decision on whether or not you should go ahead and use Fiverr services.

I also reached out to about 27 entrepreneurs like me who have also used Fiverr services and I have also, shared the feedback/reviews that I got from each and every one of them in this article.

You can see a screenshot of my Fiverr account and how much I’ve spent in the image below:
my spending proof for fiverr on what is fiverr on the reviews articleThe main reason I am taking my time to write this detailed Fiverr review is that I see a lot of misleading reviews of Fiverr all around the internet and what I want to do In this article is tell you the plain truth so that you know all the goods and bads that come with Fiverr.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not have much time to spare, you can skip reading the article and go to the summary by CLICKING HERE (but I’d recommend you read the article in detail so that you’ll get the know everything you need to know about Fiverr)

With all that said, let’s now get into the review by making sure you know exactly what Fiverr is.

So, What Is Fiverr?

In its simplest terms Fiverr is an online marketplace where people go to buy and sell services like logo design services, eBook cover design services, article or blog writing services and all sorts of digital services.

Now that I am sure you know what Fiverr is, let me now walk you through my personal experience and everything that I found out after spending a lot of money paying for over 235+ Fiverr services.

My $3345 Fiverr Experience

I first heard of Fiverr back in 2016, when I was about starting my first business online. I needed a logo back then and I wanted something that would be affordable and high quality at the same time.

I went online and searched for Fiverr reviews, and when I searched, I found a bunch of bad/negative reviews on websites like SiteJabber, TrustPilot, and some others.

I also did some more research and found out that Fiverr equally had a bunch of good customer reviews on some other websites like WebsitePlanet, Reddit, Quora and the rest of them.

Due to the fact that the services on Fiverr were very very cheap, I finally decided to ignore all the bad reviews and just try it out since it wouldn’t cost me much.

I then went over to Fiverr, signed up for an account and paid $5 to a new seller who had about 53 reviews and a 3.7 out of 5.0 stars rating to make me a logo design for my new business.

The next day, the seller that I paid $5, delivered me a logo that I didn’t like.  I attached the low-quality logo below:

The logo design I hated for the fiverr review

And due to the fact that I didn’t like the logo, I had to still pay another seller who had about 55 reviews in total and a 4.9 out of 5.0 stars ratings $5 to make another logo for me.

He delivered something that I really loved and even asked me to contact him at any time if I didn’t like it so that he would make another variation for me. I attached the good logo below:

The logo design I loved for the fiverr review

At that point, I understood the exact reason why Fiverr had a bunch of good and bad reviews flying all over the internet.

And Here Is The Reason…

The simple reason is that there are both good and bad sellers on the Fiverr platform and It is clear that those people who have left those reviews just chose the bad Fiverr sellers.

From my experience, you can see that I chose a bad seller the first time and the fact that I tried the second time and was able to get a logo that good for $5 clearly shows that Fiverr is a good place to hire services, just that you have to make sure you’re not choosing the wrong seller.

And In other for you to be able to choose the right Fiverr sellers, there are four steps you need to take and I have listed them below:

Steps To Finding The Right Fiverr Seller

  1. Check The Sellers Reviews Thoroughly:

    This is the first thing that you should always look out for while choosing a seller on Fiverr is the seller’s reviews. When I say you should look at their reviews I mean that you should check both, the quality and the quantity.

    For Instance, seller “A” might have 200 reviews and have a rating of 3.7 out of 5.0 stars, for seller “A”, I would say that he has quantity but no quality and I would recommend you go with a seller that has round 50 reviews on the minimum and at least a 4.8 out of 5.0-star rating.

    Choosing a seller with good reviews will assure you that you will like what you will get from that buyer because past customers that have worked with that seller are simply telling you that they liked what they got from the seller and your experience shouldn’t be different.

    The part where you should see a seller’s reviews is on his/her profile and it should look like what you see in the image that I attached below:
    fiverr review looking at the sellers rating

  2. Check The Sellers Response Rate:

    This one is the second thing that I think you should equally look out for while choosing a seller on Fiverr would be the seller’s response rate.

    While looking over a gig on Fiverr, you would find a part where the seller’s profile shows up, and around the seller’s profile, you will find a part where it says “average response time”.

    It should look like what you see in the image below:

    fiverr reviews average response time

    This simply tells you how long it takes the seller to respond to his clients averagely and obviously, choosing a seller that has an average response time that ranges from about 1 hour to about 3 hours would be a good fit.

    You would even see some sellers with average response times of 24 or even 48 hours, and trust me, you really want to stay away from them. Because you might finally send them a message and have to wait days before you get a reply.

  3. Make Sure There Is No Language Barrier:

    This is the third thing that you always want to look out for while choosing a seller on Fiverr is the country that they come from. You can see the sellers country in the part of their profile like you see in the image below:
    determining a sellers country while learning from fiverr reviews

    The reason why you want to check this is simply that you might have issues communicating with a seller that is a Bangladeshi if you are an American and trust me, you will greatly decrease the chances of a bad experience if you choose a seller that understands your language perfectly.

  4. Make Sure The Seller Is Professional:

    This one is the fourth and final thing that you want to look out for while choosing a seller on Fiverr are the skills that the seller actually enlisted on the Fiverr platform.

    You want to do this because, when sellers are setting up their seller profile on Fiverr, they are required to enter the skills that they have and why you want to check this is that there are some unprofessional sellers that might list “Graphic Design” as a skill and later start selling a “Voice Over Service”.

    The part where you’d see these skills are below the seller’s profile. It should look like what you see in the image below:

    checking the sellers skills on fiverrYou must lookout for this and make sure the service that you want to hire the seller for tallies with the skills that are actually enlisted on their account, but the plain truth still remains that when you have gone through these 4 steps that I have shown above on how to choose the right sellers on Fiverr, there is still a 5% probability that the seller that you choose might still deliver something that you won’t like.

When this happens, there are two things that you could do and I have listed them both below:

  1. Ask For A Modification:

    On Fiverr, asking for a modification simply means telling the seller to repeat the work that they have done for you.

    This can be done by simply clicking on the as for modification button that you will see where the service that has been delivered to you will be found. It should look something like what you see in the image below:

    Once you have clicked on the “ask for modification” button, you will be required to tell the seller what you didn’t like and what you want them to change in the service that they delivered to you.

  2. Cancel The Order & Get Your Money Back:

    On Fiverr, you also have the option of canceling the order if you do not like it. You just simply have to click on the gig you want to cancel.

    And by the top right corner of the screen, click on the “resolution center” as seen in the image below and then, follow the on-screen steps to have the order canceled.
    fiverr resolution center

So, Is Fiverr Worth It?

My answer to that would be a definite yes as I have been using Fiverr for my businesses, and I even had this whole blog that you’re reading right now built on Fiverr for just a $100, BUT just remember that you have to make sure, you’re ordering from the right seller.

IMPORTANT: To help you save money, if you have not yet created an account on Fiverr, I would recommend you CLICK HERE to create an account so that you can get a 20% OFF the first thing that you buy through that account. (Even if you had already created an account that you have not used to buy anything, I would recommend you forget about that one and create a new one because if you were going to spend a $100, creating another account through that link just brings the whole thing down to $80)

And as I said at the beginning of this post, I reached out to 22 other people like me who have used Fiverr services for their businesses and I will now share all the feedback that I from each and every one of them below:

Here Are The Fiverr Reviews

  1. Don’s Review On Fiverr:

    Name: Don Hesh

    Position: Founder At

    Comments: “We use Fiverr for our startup every day. Our start-up is and it’s a marketplace for Businesses. Two main advice I can give for Fiverr buyers

    1. Buy gigs from professionals & credible people. Don’t go for the cheaper option and outsource to a freelancer that has bad reviews.

    2. Know what you are buying. Especially if you are looking to buy any SEO backlinks or outsource SEO work. You can find very useful SEO gigs in Fiverr and very bad quality ones which might spam your website.

    I’ve been using Fiverr for more than 6 years now”

  2. David’s Review On Fiverr:

    Name: David Lee

    Position: Owner At CPD Education

    Comments: “We at the CPD Online College use loads of Fiverr freelancers for a variety of work including marketing materials, blog posts, course writing, and others.

    On the whole, Fiverr is a God-sent as you can attract the best talent from around the globe and have them work flexibly and to a strict schedule.

    We have found that targeting more specifically is always a good idea as there can sometimes be language hurdles and our materials need to be written in British English and flow nicely.

    However, once you filter down to the right location and level of experience, it is really simple to get work done quickly and to a high standard.

    The ability to only pay for what we need without the hassle of hiring means outgoings are reduced and we can run efficiently.”

  3. Ayesha’s Review On Fiverr:

    Name: Ayesha Hilton

    Position: Owner At

    Comments: “I have purchased a lot of gigs on Fiverr. Some were great. Other’s not so great. The gigs that delivered were those that were straight forward technical tasks – such as moving a WordPress blog to a new hosting server.

    The bad experiences I have had were Picture Book Designs that looked like clipart and Book Cover Designs that looked terrible. I have always been very clear at communicating what I want, but that doesn’t always translate to the finished product.

    I still use Fiverr for things I can’t do by myself or things that would take me a while (like WordPress site relocation), however, I am not sure I would use Fiverr for design work as I do my own now as I can get what I want.

    I am a biz mentor for women business owners and I know my clients have also had some good and bad experiences. So, my conclusion is that Fiverr will work for you if you choose the right and professional seller for your project”

  4. Tom’s Review On Fiverr:

    Name: Tom Wills

    Position: Marketing Executive At

    Comments: “Fiverr is a huge market place, and being so you will come across a whole range of really talented individuals right through to what can be best described as the ‘Chancers’.

    When we’ve tried Fiverr to get content written, we’ve always been careful to choose someone with good past feedback and the results have been positive.

    The platform is easy to use and makes payment & communication with your freelancer straightforward”


  5. Alexander’s Review On Fiverr:

    Name: Alexander Porter

    Position: Marketing Manager At

    Comments: “I use professionals on Fiverr to provide a range of video-based services to help me meet the demands of a busy content schedule.
    This includes:
    – video voice-overs
    – YouTube thumbnails
    – video graphics
    – video editing etc…

    In terms of the pros of Fiverr – the affordability is top of the list. Avoiding the overheads of full-time roles that can be supplemented with incremental spending on case-driven projects is a massive plus.

    The turnaround time is also excellent with deadlines able to be met by tapping into the professional experience of experts. In terms of the cons, there is a noticeable template-style to much of Fiverr’s products.

    This is natural as the freelance professionals looking to streamline their own processes, but you have to weigh up your expectations carefully if you want content – at least in the video – that stands out.

    You get what you pay for at the end of the day, so the sliding scale of pros and Con’s really depends on how much you’re willing to invest in Fiverr services

    As a marketing agency Head of Copy, using Fiverr has allowed me to tap into the creative skillset of freelancers in a ‘plug and play’ system.

    This is particularly useful when creating YouTube thumbnails. YouTube thumbnails have a massive influence on click-through-rates, and as such can improve watch times, session times and a range of other YouTube SEO metrics.

    My experience has been wholly positive using Fiverr to this end, with open communication and quick turnaround times a feature of my interactions.

    While a common complaint of Fiverr is that the quality is too hit and miss, by finding a Fiverr creator you share an aesthetic vision with, you create a professional relationship that is mutually beneficial.”

  6. Galena’s Review On Fiverr:

    Name: Galena Stavreva

    Position: CEO of

    Comments: “I run a travel startup and have used Fiverr many times for various tasks like – logos, mock-ups, creation of articles and translation services.

    I have found that the quality of the services varied greatly, even though I read the reviews and choose providers by their ratings.

    I have been given top quality work for a very reasonable price and also really low quality work for a similar price. It has been a process of trial and error in order to find talented freelancers.

    Overall, I am happy with Fiverr and will keep using it in the future. It is great to be able to access a variety of services for a low cost. This removes many barriers to entry for small business startups”

  7. Kylie’s Review On Fiverr:

    Name: Kylie Deans

    Position: CEO At POPCOM.COM

    Comments: “I have used Fiverr on occasion over the years for one-off jobs. The most consistent; by way of quality and ease, from Fiverr has been for podcast editing.

    The communications consultancy I work with records many professional podcasts for our clients to use in their marketing campaigns and the editing of these can be time-consuming.

    The hiring of Fiverr frees us up to continue working on more valuable tasks and ultimately achieve better results for our clients.

    We have also used one-off services for small design projects or design amendments that need to be done quickly and to a smaller budget.

    Again, whilst some of these tasks are relatively easy in nature, they can be very time consuming and Fiverr is often the smarter time/cost alternative.

    Has my experience been positive? Overall yes it has. I have found that you really have to look into the freelancers listed; look at their work examples and how many jobs they have completed.

    Ensure that you select a freelancer that is open to amendments if you are not happy with their work and be clear in communicating what you require – the better the brief you give, the better the product you receive.

    Above all, when you find a good freelancer who completes the task as intended within a good time frame, make sure you save them for future work”

  8. Ellen’s Review On Fiverr:

    Name: Ellen Ronalds Keene

    Position: Founder At

    Comments: “my experience with Fiverr has been overall positive but a little bit hit and miss in terms of service providers on there. Make no mistake, there are excellent people on the platform who do great work and go out of their way to deliver quality.

    However, I have found that it requires a bit of searching to find those people.

    Checking reviews are important but don’t discount new people to the platform who don’t have many reviews yet.

    I have encountered a couple of really dodgy sellers (e.g. delivering a piece of writing that was obviously plagiarized from a website that was only barely relevant to what I’d asked for) but I found

    Fiverr’s customer service team to be absolutely excellent and resolved the issue quickly and professionally.

    I recommend it but you do need to do due diligence when it comes to who you are purchasing from and for what”

  9. Gary’s Review On Fiverr:

    Name: Gary Huxtable

    Position: Managing Director At Pet Parking

    Comments: “We have had mixed results on Fiverr, with some projects needed to be canceled due to poor communication and Interpretation, whilst others have been fantastic, especially for given the price”

  10. Jade’s Review On Fiverr:

    Name: Jade Pearlhouse

    Position: Owner At

    Comments: “the experience on Fiverr was very positive — I hired a freelancer to design book covers for my books: the process was fast, effective and pleasant”

  11. Jeroen’s Review On Fiverr:

    Name: Jeroen Minks

    Position: Digital Marketing Specialist At Vazooky

    Comments: “You can get a cheap logo design via Fiverr. However, the process of dealing with designers can be quite time-consuming.

    Often there’s a language barrier, which makes you have to explain the same thing multiple times before they can act on it.

    There are often 3 revisions including in your original packaging, however, this will be spent on going back and forth to the designer to explain simple things.

    I believe Fiverr is an ok solution to get simple design work done.”

  12. Grundy’s Review On Fiverr:

    Name: James Grundy

    Position: Project Engineer At

    Comments: “I’ve been using Fiverr for the past four years and have made 94 orders. My experience has been mostly great, I use it for the following items:
    – ebook covers
    – logos
    – social media posting
    – article writing
    – basic WordPress customization
    – hosting transfer
    – marketing flyer design

    I find the quick turnaround times and low price point extremely appealing. However, I only use Fiverr for simple tasks and traditionally stick to graphic design orders.

    I tried purchasing SEO optimized articles, but the quality was very low. I mean what can you expect though for $5 an article? I’ve also bought a couple of gifts from Fiverr like pendants which were cool and unique”

  13. Neil’s Review On Fiverr:

    Name: Neil Elliot

    Position: Co-founder At

    Comments: “We have been using Fiverr for a few months now. We have had various problems that we’ve needed to solve and have found Fiverr to be a great source that has helped us finish projects that otherwise would have taken us much longer to finish as we are not techies.

    From setting up Facebook pixels to redesigning checkouts with coding and setting up geo locations for specific eCommerce projects.

    The technical side has been great, although we have had to work hard to get the design side looking great with a few of the projects. Fiverr is a great source and for the prices, we are quoted we couldn’t afford to do it ourselves”

  14. Thomas’s Review On Fiverr:

    Name: Thomas Coussens

    Position: CEO At Coussens Real Estate

    Comments: “I’ve used Fiverr for a number of different design briefs. I have had logos designed for a couple of different business ideas and some illustrations for some short stories that I have authored. While it was a little confusing the first time I used it, it was very convenient and quick”

  15. Katee’s Review On Fiverr:

    Name: Katee Blizzard

    Position: Marketing Strategist At

    Comments: “My experiences have been a mix of good and bad. I’ve found that when it comes to providing instructions, you need to know exactly what you want before reaching out to design graphics and other kinds of services.

    There is nothing worse than two weeks of back and forth trying to get it right only to realize it isn’t going to happen.

    My point is that you have to make sure whoever you’re buying services from, understands what you to get done perfectly”

  16. Vince’s Review On Fiverr:

    Name: Vince Massara

    Position: Owner At Book Summary Club

    Comments: “I have used Fiverr multiple times in my business. In fact, it is still something I use frequently. Your success will come from the types of gigs you buy.

    No matter what type of gig, I would suggest you start with something small like $5 – $10 for the freelancer so you can see their work and know if you like it.”

  17. Catherine’s Review On Fiverr:

    Name: Catherine Moolenschot

    Position: Managing Director At Catherine Moolenschot LTD

    Comments: “My name is Catherine Moolenschot and I am an author and ghostwriter who works with CEOs and professionals helping them get their books written.

    Fiverr is an affordable way for businesses to get creative work done. Sometimes I use Fiverr to design a finished product, other times I use Fiverr for different design concepts — e.g five different book cover designs — before employing an Australian-based designer to create the finished product.

    There are so many people to buy from on Fiverr and the work you receive can be hit and miss. I usually employ at least three people for one project to ensure that at least one of them comes back with something useful. And once you do find someone good, you can employ their services again and again”

  18. Dimitri’s Review On Fiverr:

    Name: Dimitri Kustov

    Position: Internet marketing director at Regex SEO

    Comments: “I use Fiverr a lot.  To me, “you get what you pay for” should be the motto of Fiverr. in 99% of cases you are not going to get anything decent for $5 bucks.

    Now, if you have patience and are willing to waste some money to test 100 or so vendors, you most likely would find a “diamond in a rough”.

    Those vendors are doing quality work for less money. The only issue is that these vendors realize their value fairly quick and leave Fiverr for “greener pastures”.

    And the vicious cycle of testing and wasting starts all over. But in my opinion, Fiverr is good, just that you have to find a good seller on the platform.”

  19. Rebecca’s Review On Fiverr:

    Name: Rebecca Henriquez

    Position: Founder At Tahitian Body

    Comments: “My experience with Fiverr was Fantastic! I needed some product images deeply etched (background removed) a few months ago and was quoted $15-$20 per image by a few local photographers (I had 20 images to be done).

    I thought I would give Fiverr a go as I had heard positive things in the business community. The guy did a fantastic job, he had them back to me in 2 days and only charged $52 for all 20 images! I need some marketing materials developed at the moment and plan to use Fiverr again”

  20. Gregory’s Review On Fiverr:

    Name: Gregory Golinski

    Position: Head Of Digital Marketing At Your Parking Space

    Comments: “My name is Greg, and I’m the Head of digital marketing for YourParkingSpace. We used Fiverr in the last couple of years.

    As services offered on Fiverr are very cheap, some of them can be too good to be true. You have to keep an eye open and establish a connection with a freelancer first to see if they’re serious or not.

    Our experience with Fiverr has been good so far because we always made sure to hire the right people.

    We always have a chat with writers or designers before we hire them, and ask them to produce previous examples of their work to make sure they can deliver what we need from them.

    If you have your wits about you and can recognize a red flag when you see one, it’s possible to find serious, efficient professionals on Fiverr”

  21. Gerber’s Review On Fiverr:

    Name: Tobias Gerber

    Position: Owner At AD-ME BLOG

    Comments: “My experiences with Fiverr were mostly positive! Although, it started badly: I needed a simple logo design for my blog. I asked a designer with more than 1’000 5-star ratings to draw a cute donkey for me.

    He was very responsive and asked for further details, which I provided to him. After that, I received really bad proposals. I asked him to go on working in another direction.

    He then sent me a logo, which I could accept, but it wasn’t good enough for me. But although considering the low price point, it wasn’t Ok for me.

    I left a 2-Star rating for him. He immediately apologized and asked for a new chance. His next design was way better! He was also more serious in writing to me and delivered something I finally could accept.

    After that, I asked another designer on Fiverr to draw a donkey for me. She did a very good job from the beginning! With only one small revision I got my logo for only $35.

    Further, to spice up my blog post, I wanted a designer to draw scenes for me. I asked him to draw it with outlines only. I surprisingly got good images for $25 each. He also was very polite and delivered quickly.

    I would use Fiverr again and can recommend their service. Next time I would choose someone more expensive services from the beginning instead of wasting my time with a $5 service”


  22. Graham’s Review On Fiverr:

    Name: Dennis Graham

    Position: Marketing Director At Independent Reserve

    Comments: “Expect to spend more than five bucks. The workers on Fiverr are competitively priced for common marketing problems, whether it’s voice over, video animation or something else.

    In my experience, Fiverr freelancers are sufficiently self-aware about where their skills sit relative to other freelancers and price accordingly.

    The issues with competing sites like Freelancer and UpWork, you often get unreliable or under-qualified freelancers bidding to the budget and not their skill set. You have to churn through a lot of staff to find fairly priced and reliable freelancer staff.

    This is where Fiverr differentiates itself. Fiverr freelancers know what the most common marketing challenges are, and offer the relevant packages/pricing upfront.

    To conclude, I must say Fiverr is a good and useful marketplace, but you just have to be willing to spend maybe an extra $10 to $15  to get what you want done in a professional manner.”

  23. Fatmah’s Review On Fiverr:

    Name: Fatmah Abbouchi

    Position: Owner At Agile Management Office

    Comments: “I’ve used Fiverr and I have had mixed success. My experience with Fiverr always ends up with something good in most cases.

    But I have always had to ask the Fiverr sellers working for me to redo the work and that just ends up bringing me the best outcomes. In my opinion, I would say that Fiverr is effective for low priority tasks.”

  24. Nicole’s Review On Fiverr:

    Name: Nicole Nash-Arnold

    Owner At Nurse Manager HQ

    Comments: “I’m a registered nurse that operates a nursing education service. I have used Fiverr several times and had a great experience. I used them for transcriptions of webinars, voiceover artists and had an animation specialist develop an animated logo intro for my eLearning videos.

    My only advice about Fiverr is that is it critical to take the time to research the freelancer and read the reviews: definitely a world where you get what you pay for, even though it is a brilliantly accessible way to efficiently find excellent workmanship you still have to make sure you go through the reviews thoroughly so that you’re sure you won’t be disappointed.”

  25. Storme’s Review On Fiverr:

    Name: Brooklyn Storme

    Position: Owner At BrooklynStorme.Com

    Comments: “I have used Fiverr for a few years and love it though there are a few tips! First, it’s a freelancing site and you can select who you want to work with. My advice would be that before you order the job, you hit the Contact button.

    This will open up a dialogue box that allows you to have a back-and-forth conversation with the seller before you commit your cold hard cash to the project.

    Having a chat with the seller will allow you to see if they are the right person for the job, you can request to look at other similar work that they have done and you can check their English language proficiency which is especially important depending on the type of service you’re looking to pay for.”


  26. Kelly’s Review On Fiverr:

    Name: Ian Kelly

    Position: Managing Partner At Eden Retirement Living

    Comments: “I’ve used Fiverr twice now for some tasks on my website. I first used it for getting a logo built and later using it for writing a blog post.

    I didn’t have any issues although the blog post needed 3 revisions before I was happy with the end result. But In my opinion, I think its good for the price and ease it gives you.”


  27. Nita’s Review On Fiverr:

    Name: Nita Sweeney

    Position: Author Of Depression Hates a Moving Target

    Comments: “I’ve been publishing a monthly writing newsletter, Write Now Columbus, for nearly two decades. This year, when my first book was released, I had to turn my full attention to book marketing but could not bear disappointing my faithful Write Now Columbus readers.

    A friend suggested Fiverr. I easily found a skilled seller to do the research and format the information. Fiverr saved me!”


  28. Khaleila’s Review On Fiverr:

    Name: Khaleila Davis

    Position: Marketing Manager At AvaOlivia.Com

    Comments: “As an Entrepreneur, I have used Fiverr often. From editing my blogs, assisting me with social media marketing, designing logos to doing marketing research. The process is easy.

    I usually read the reviews of the potential person I select, asks for samples and gauge how much I can afford then decide on the person to help me out. I have been pleased with the service thus far and learned to not always choose the cheapest cost and ask more questions to get what I want.

    I love that others can make money from their skills and I love that I don’t have to hire a full-time team to help me out in my own business; making it cost-effective.”


    So guys, from what you’ve seen from these reviews dropped by 21 different entrepreneurs who have used Fiverr services for their businesses, you can see that having a good experience on Fiverr still balls down to the same point of choosing the right seller for your project, so you just have to make sure you’re not choosing the wrong person.

With all that said, if you would love to save some money, I would strongly recommend you sign up for your Fiverr account through THIS LINK so that you get to get a 20% OFF the first thing that you buy on the Fiverr platform. And also, if you have any views, experiences or comments about Fiverr, feel free to drop it in the comments section below, as I would love to hear about them…

Post Summary

  • Fiverr is A good platform for hiring freelancers, but the only thing you have to do is make sure, you’re buying services from professional sellers because there are a bunch of cheap and unprofessional sellers on the Fiverr platform. You can learn more about knowing how to choose the right seller by CLICKING HERE.
  • Also, before you buy any service on Fiverr, I would strongly recommend you create your Fiverr account through a discounted link so that you can get a 20% OFF the first thing that you buy from that account. CLICK HERE to create your Fiverr account with the 20% discount embedded to it. (Even if you had already created an account that you have not used to buy anything, I would recommend you forget about that one and create a new one because if you were going to spend a $100, creating another account through that link just brings the whole thing down to $80)
  • The fact that I concluded that Fiverr is a good marketplace for you to buy and sell freelance services is simply based on the responses that I got from about 28 different entrepreneurs who have bought and used Fiverr services. You can CLICK HERE to read what the 28 of them said.

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