how to start a successful blog

How To Start A Successful Blog & Make Your First $10k Online

Today I’m going to show you guys how you can start a successful blog, grow it and as well make money from that blog..

And “YES” you heard me right! You can grow your income as a blogger to about $10k every single month with what I’ll show you in this article and you don’t have to worry as I’m going to show you exactly how you can do just it all STEP BY STEP in this very detailed article..

I’m going to take you guys through all the steps that I have used to start and grow multiple blogs Including one of my blogs that’s currently making me about $40k+ every month in both passive and active income..


So with all that said let’s get started!

When I’m starting new blogs I usually go through 6 simple steps and these steps include:

  1. Finding and choosing a good domain name..
  2. Choosing A Good hosting platform..
  3. Choosing a Good theme to make the blog look Good..
  4. Adding monetized content that’s keyword optimized for SEO.
  5. Getting the traffic to the content on your blog..

So I’ll go through all the 5 steps that I’ve shown you above and I strongly recommend that you open up maybe your phone or your computer and follow the steps as I go through them in order to get your website setup in just a short amount of time..


STEP 1: Finding & Choosing A Good Domain Name..

Your domain name is what people type into a browser in order to visit your website.. Despite the fact that it’s most times hard whilst trying to make the right choice for a domain name it’s very important for you to choose a name that represents you or what you do and at the same time will be able for people to remember so that they can visit your website over and over again..

A good example would be and a bad example would be So you get my point, Right?

As regards finding, chosing and checking if your chosen domain name is available I would use a service like bluehost as it allows you to purchase both your domain name and your website hosting from the same provider which is really cool! All you have to do is to head over to the bluehost website which you can do that by Clicking this link through which you can get a 60% OFF bluehost. Once the page loads up.. Click on “Get Started” and you will be asked to simply enter your desired domain name and click on the next button in order for bluehost to check if your choice is available.. It will look something like what you see in the image below..

How to start a successful blog


STEP 2: Choosing A Good Hosting Platform..

Once you have chosen your domain name in the first step what you’ll have to do now is to set up your hosting account and choose the right package that will actually meet up with your blogging needs.. All you have to really do now is to enter all the required information on the bluehost website and after you’ve done that the next thing you should do would be to scroll down to the part of the page where it shows you bluehost’s different packages and what you should do now is to make a choice..

How to start a successful blog

I strongly recommend you go with the basic package.. Once you’ve chosen that, It will show you three different payment options which will includes:

  1. An option that let’s you pay upfront for 12 month..
  2. An option that let’s you pay for 24 months.. &
  3. One that let’s you pay for 36 months..

How to start a successful blog

I would strongly recommend you use the the 36 month option as it will drastically cut down the price for you.. Once you have decided on which payment option to use what you should do next, would be to scroll down and complete your billing information in order to make your payment.. I also recommend you take out a few minutes to read through the bluehost terms of service, cancellation policy, and privacy notices.. Once done, click the checkbox to confirm that you agree with bluehost’s policies. Then, follow the instructions given on-screen in order to create a password and once done You’re ready for the next step of creating your blog..

How to start a successful blog


STEP 3: Choosing A Good WordPress Theme For Your Blog..

One good thing about this part is that if you have used bluehost as your preferred hosting company then WordPress will automatically be installed for you on your blog.. So all you have to do now is to click on “Login” and enter the details you used to create your bluehost hosting account and once you’ve done that the right way you’ll be logged into a dashboard where you’ll be required to choose your theme.. It’ll look something like in the image below:

And if you’re confused about what team to choose don’t really worry about that as it can be changed at any point in time.. Once done you’ll see a page like the one below:

Once you’re done with that you should see a screen that will ask you if your website is for personal or business reasons just choose any of the options and head over to the next year we should look something like what you see in the image below..

And this is the part where we should start creating content so that we can make money using the content.. So to add a new article just click on the “add new” button that is below the blog posts section as you can see in the image above..


STEP 4. Adding Monetized Content To The Blog..

This would be the most crucial part of making money from your blog and we can simply add monetized contents to the blog by writing blog posts that we know people will read and need and then adding affiliate links to those blogposts..

For those whom might not know!

You’re going to be monetizing and making money off your blog with affiliate links and affiliate links are links that make you money each time someone clicks over and makes a purchase.. whether you’re in the fitness niche, make money online niche, weight loss niche, cars/automobile niche or even the fishing niche.. There are lots of companies out there with affiliate programs that will pay you commissions ranging from about 20% – 90% of the sale price when you refer people from your blog to buy stuff from their website through your affiliate link..

So first of all..

To start you need to choose a niche and I will strongly recommend you to choose something that you have a little bit of knowledge about.. or as well you can choose a niche that you have no knowledge off at all and actually pay people to write articles for you on fiverr.. Once that’s done.. The next thing you do would be to find affiliate programs that will pay you money and after you found is affiliate programs, the next step would be to write articles that will promote those products that you have signed up for as an affiliate and integrate your link into the articles on your blog.. That’s actually how you can go out and create monetized content on your blog and with that said we’ll head over to STEP 5..


STEP 5: Getting The traffic To The Content On Your Blog..

This is the most important part of this article as you have to know that without traffic you won’t be able to make any money online from your blog but don’t worry I’m going to share with you the exact traffic generation methods that I have used to make over $40k from one of my blogs in just a month..

So, Let the fun begin!!

Traffic Method #1: Quora

Quora is a question-and-answer website where people come to ask questions and as well answer various questions on the platform..

You can tap in to this huge traffic source by Simply heading over to the quora platform, getting your account created, finding people whom are asking questions that are related to what the monetized content you have created is about, answering those questions and then linking back to the articles on your website.. You can see Stats from one of my quora Accounts below:

When you write answers on quora and link back to your website.. What would happen is that when people woman looking for answers come to the quora platform and see your answers they would read the answers on once they don’t ring the answers they would click over to your website to learn more and as well get more answers to the questions that they have and this way you can get a lot of traffic over to your monetized blog posts and as well a lot of traffic to your affiliate link which will make you the money..

Traffic Method #2: SEO

When I talk about getting traffic from SEO.. I don’t really refer to the Ethical SEO which a lot of time work and sleepless nights to get your websites to rank on the first page of Google.. I mean ranking on Google quickly for small low competition keywords..

Basically, what you have to do to achieve results and get traffic to your blog by ranking a small volume keywords can be done in 5 simple steps which includes:

STEP 1. Heading over to Google’s keyword planner…

STEP 2. Finding low competition by clicking on “tools” and then “keyword tool”

STEP 3. Entering a catchphrase.. digicape related to what your audience are likely to be searching for On google.. For example: people who are looking for how to lose weight search for phrases like “weight loss tips” I know you have to do is to enter that into the Google keyword planner and hit search..

STEP 4. Once the keyword planner gives you results you can then check for search phrases that have low competition scores. You can see an example of what I’m talking about in the image below:

STEP 5. Now that you have a list of low competition keywords in your niche. All you have to do is, to go and create monetized content around all these topics and what will happen is that you will start to rank for these keywords on Google Low competition keywords which will result to more traffic to your blog and as well more money in your bank..

Traffic Method #3: Blog Comments

posting comments on blog posts related to the nature of chosen is a very effective way of getting free traffic to your blog..

To start seeing results via blog comments, you would have to head over to Google and search for what your blog is about.. For instance: “fishing articles” you searched for this key phrase on Google you have to set the results that you want Google to show you to be articles that were posted in the past 24hrs and what this will help you do is that it will help you get your comments approved faster as those articles are new and are likely to have 0 comments..

Once you’ve found these new articles what you would do would be to write a very good, longer and relevant Comment and at the end of the Comment link back to your monetized articles on your website.. That way when these posts that are relevant to your niche start to go viral, your comments will be at the top and lots of people will click over to your website to check out your content.. and that way the traffic and the money keeps increasing..

Traffic Method #4: Niche Related Forums

You can find forums that are related to the niche you have chosen and actually become active on these various forums.. that way you will be able to interact with people who are interested in what the content on your website is all about and as well while interacting make sure you drop links to monetize content on your blog.. You can find forums related to your niche by Simply heading over to the Google search engine and typing in “whatever your niche may be” ± the keyword “forum“.. I found this phone connected you should take me to sign up for account on those ones that are highly active and once you’ve got your account or setup the next thing you should do will be to become active on this phone’s so that you will be able to interact with people who mainly interested in what the content on your website is about and as well link to your content so that you’ll start getting traffic to your blog..

Traffic Method #5: Niche Guest Posts

This method of generating traffic to your website would simply require you to actually connect with other bloggers in your niche and asking them to publish articles on their website which will link back to your own website.. I really love this method cause it’d like you’re stealing their traffic.. what you should do to find blocks in your niche that are accepting guest post who will be what you see in the image below:

Once you have found a bunch of blogs in your niche that accept guest posts by doing what you see in the image above, the next step you should take would be to write a bunch of posts that you will submit to all these blogs and Yes writing will take a lot of time and ghgot As well Be a pain in the ass, but if you have some spare cash you can find writers here that will do all the writing for just $5..

Traffic Method #6: Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a huge source for getting traffic to one’s blog and I know this works because I’ve used this to get a lot of traffic and a lot of sales and one good thing about Facebook groups is that they are Filled with super targeted people whom are 100% interested in what you do on your blog..

In order to start getting traffic from Facebook groups all you have to do is to head over to the facebook website and once you’re there all you have to do is to go to the search bar and enter your “niche name” + “groups“. Once done you will see Facebook show you a list of groups that are related to the niche you have entered and whaT TT you have to do next to be to join all these groups and become an active member..

Once you have become a member of these groups the next thing you should do would be to find people whom are In need and are asking questions.. Answer them and as well link over to content on your website that is relevant to their question.. That way you’ll get alot of niche targeted traffic and as well the money will follow the traffic..

Traffic Method #7: Building An Email List

NOTE: This is A Must Do!

When you build an email list and collect emails of people who have visited your website this will enable you to send out emails to them each Time You release a new blog post on your blog and once you send out these emails you can generate a ton of traffic immediately and these returning readers will then share your post on their social media profiles which would put out your content to more eye balls and as well make you more money..

I use getresponse for my email list building campaigns and management.. You can use GetResponse free for 30 days here..

In order to create popups that will help you collect emails of the readers that visit your blog I will strongly recommend you use a wordpress plug-in which is popularly known as thrive leads..


What happens in this time of starting a blog is very simple.. You’ll start to get the $$$!!.. I’ll have to end it all here but if you still have Any questions as regards starting your blog feel free to ask me in the comments section of this article & also watch the video below for an indepth walk-through on how you can start your blog.. TODAY..

Still Got Questions? WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!

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20 easy ways to make money online

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In this post I’ll be showing you 20 easy ways that will enable you make some extra money online.. The list that I’m gonna be showing you below is perfect for stay at home moms and dads, entrepreneurs looking for more income streams, 9-5 workers looking for freedom, students who need money for school keep up or just someone that needs CASH for various reasons, etc… Here are 20 super easy ways to make extra money online listed below…

1. Blogging

Blogging is a very good way of earning money online as it opens many doors for you. Blogging can be profitable in different ways and I actually know some people who are making $200k and above each month Just by blogging full time. All you really need to do to start is go through 4 steps… Which will be setting up your new blog. Adding some engaging content… Driving huge amounts of traffic to your content… Then monetizing your content to make you money… And you can learn exactly how to get these 4 steps done in this Complete beginner-friendly guide to starting a new successful blog

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing simply promoting someone’s products may be on your blog, email list, social media profiles, YouTube channel, online ads, etc. and getting paid a percentage each time someone buys the product that you were promoting through your special affiliate link… (If you still haven’t gotten to the definition of affiliate marketing already READ THIS). I myself do record about $20k+ per month using just affiliate marketing.. See my complete guide to affiliate marketing

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing simply requires you to build up a niche targeted List of people’s Email address on an Email marketing software and market products that are related to their niche and actually make sales… The products that you could market to this list that you’ve built could be yours or an affiliate product (Another person/companies product that you promote and make maybe a 70% commission on every sale that is bought through your special affiliate link). For instance, let’s say, You’ve built up a 200k recipients email list in the Weight loss niche then you can actually get an affiliate product for people that want to lose weight and email these 200k People whom you are sure are interested in losing weight telling them about the product… Let’s say that you get a bad luck day and get 0.5% of your list recipients which is 1000 people to buy this weight loss product and let’s say the product costs $100 and pays you a 50% commission which is $50.THAT’S JUST $50K IN ONE DAY FROM JUST ONE EMAIL SENT OUT!!😲… The power is in the list.. See my Full guide on Building a profitable Email marketing business

4. Selling On Fiverr

Fiverr is a marketplace where entrepreneurs go to get jobs that they find difficulties with do… They can seek services like logo design, graphic design, social media management, SEO, website design and other similar services… So all you need to do is get on Fiverr, sign up as a seller create gigs (Gigs are the skills that you sell on Fiverr) on skills that you can sell, maybe logo design skill, skill in social media marketing and other stuff. But if you don’t have any skills at all you might wanna head over to a course taking website and acquire some skills before you can make money online using Fiverr. I actually made my first $1000 online using Fiverr at the age of 14 so trust me on this and check out my full guide on making money from Fiverr…

5. CPA Marketing

CPA marketing is very similar to affiliate marketing. CPA stands for cost per action and that simply means that you get paid each time someone takes an action on a page. The action could be entering their email address, downloading an app, taking a survey, entering their phone number, signing up for an account, making a call, entering a free trial and lots more… CPA marketing is very similar to Affiliate marketing but the difference is that in affiliate marketing the visitor needs to actually buy something before you get paid, whilst in CPA marketing the visitor only needs to take a specific action for you to get paid.. I am recently recording $10k+ per month from CPA marketing alone and I’ll recommend that you see my complete beginners guide to CPA marketing..

6. Flipping Websites

This simply involves buying websites at a low price and then selling it for a way higher price. It’s popularly known as website flipping and you can actually find websites that you can and resell on Flippa. I’ll recommend you see my full guide on making money online with website flipping.

7. Selling On Teespring

Teespring is a website that allows individuals like you and me to design T-shirts, hoodies, leggings, mugs, phone pouch, etc.. and lets you attach prices to your designs and give you a link that you’ll. use to promote your designs so that people can actually buy from your treating shop. This method made me over $10k+ and you can tap into this.. See my full guide to making money with Teespring.

8. Starting A YouTube Channel

Starting, owning and growing your own YouTube Channel is a very lucrative way of making money online…For those who don’t already know, YouTube is a video-sharing platform owned by Google, And the good stuff about making money online with youtube is that it’s actually easy to do and really can be fun once you actually know what you’re doing.. You can monetize your videos on YouTube through various ways.. Include Google Adsense, Promoting affiliate products on your videos, selling link spaces on your videos and lots more.. See also my full guide on starting a successful youtube channel.

9. Building A Software

Imagine how much you could be making every month if you had a small but efficient software that you charge a $10 monthly fee for with about two thousand active users… That’s $20k Coming In every month recurrently.. And the good Stuff About this is that You don’t need to learn complex computer languages to code software… You can see everything about making money with the software on my complete guide to making $100k/month Building Software

10. Starting An Online Store

I’ve seen a lot of my friends break off their financial ceiling just using their online stores… This is a very easy and lucrative way of making money online as it’s very easy to start and scale just selling stuff on your online store. You can see my complete beginner guide to starting a successful online store.

11. Taking Paid Surveys

Here you’ll actually get paid for sharing your opinion, answering questions and taking short minute surveys online. You can get paid $5 to $10 or more per survey and that simply means you can easily make a $100 per day which equals to $3000 per month by just taking twenty $5 surveys every day.. See also Top 23 websites that pay you to take surveys.

12. Selling Your Photos Online

If you’re good at photography or you’re good at photo editing and can create cool pictures/photos/images you could still generate passive income from that as well… You could put up your pictures for sale on sites like Foap, Shuttershock, Adobe Stock (Formerly Fotolia) and lots of other websites that allow you to put up your photos for sale. See the full article on how you can make money online by selling your photos here

13. No-Risk Matched Betting

This is like the normal betting only that you bet for 100% FREE which means that you don’t have to risk or lose any money from this system of betting… It’s 100% risk-free as you don’t have anything to lose as regards this and that’s why its an easy free way to make money online.. See the full guide to no risk matched betting here.

14. CPA Content Locking

As the name implies, this method of making money online involves three things, Which are: Finding a Valuable commodity (Maybe a FREE E-book), Locking it in a vault and then telling people to complete a task that you get paid for before getting their hands on the FREE E-book. This method is very lucrative and I myself have made thousands from this simple method.. See the full guide to making money from content locking.

15. Selling Online Courses

Selling online courses is sure a good way to build wealth online while you sleep.. You can sell your online courses may be on your own website. On Udemy, Teachable and lots of other teaching and course selling platforms. Another good thing about selling courses online is that it makes you passive income and if you don’t know what passive income is money that keeps rolling in even when you’re sleeping, not working or decide to throw your laptop into the beach and go chill at some desert island. The money just keeps rolling in and you can check out my full guide on how to make money by selling courses online.

16. Using Paid Apps

It’s not new knowledge that they are a lot of apps online now that actually pay you to use them do this strategy won’t make you rich but it will actually make you money when I started I have my journey on making money online I use the few apps that actually paid me just for using them you can check out my list of top thirteen apps that pay you free money.

17. Testing Websites

This method of making money online actually allows you to get paid for testing out new websites apps and other stuff like that there are a lot of websites that actually pay you to do this and they include,, and lots more.

18. Becoming A Solo Ads vendor

If you don’t know already, solo ads are ads that require someone who needs traffic to pay someone who owns an email list to send their message to a number of recipients on the list owners list and that is a huge market right now where people are making thousands and hundreds of dollars from selling solo ads and it’s literally simple cause what you’ll be doing will be sending out messages to your list members and actually getting paid for doing that (But first you have to build an email list) . See my full guide on how you can start a successful solo ads business.


19. Online Arbitrage

This method of making money online simply involves you to find products that are sold at a cheaper rate and find people who are searching for the same products and resell the products to them with a profit that will be yours added to the products initial price this is a very lucrative method of making money online and I even have a friend that makes about 18 to $20000 every single month by doing this…

20. Last but not least…

Is a ClickFunnels make money online funnel and for sure guys this was one of the strategies that changed my life for the better… This strategy involves you to work about. a few hours a day and it does all the money-making for you. And the good thing is that its 100% passive. Which means you can literally close your laptop. Head over to the beach. And have those thousands that you always dreamed of rolling in without you even having to work… You can learn more about the ClickFunnels money ON THIS PAGE